Officer Involved Shooting. Portland police are reporting that around 10:45 last night officers shot an armed man at a parking garage on Northeast 7th Ave and Lloyd Boulevard. The injured man was taken to the hospital. No officers were injured in the shooting.

Oregon Lawmakers Release Budget Proposal. The winners in this proposal are schools. The losers are public employee pensions.

Elsewhere in the nation...

You Can’t Keep a Good Dow Down. The Dow continues its rise this morning breaking levels not seen since October 2007.

No Cells For Cells. The White House is siding with activists who want to be able to “unlock” their cell phones and switch carriers as they please. This comes following a decision that went into effect this January banning users from unlocking their phones.

Lean on the Green. Many environmentalists had high hopes Obama’s penchant for tough greenies would continue in his second term. Now it’s looking more like not so much.

Elsewhere in the world...

Gimme Some War! North Korea is threatening to end its half-century-and-then-some truce with South Korea if its long time enemy and neighbor and the US don’t lay off their war games. (And I’m sure this has nothing to do with the sanctions the UN has planned for the dictatorial backwater).

Kerry Wants to Bench Rodman. Following Dennis Rodman’s recent love-in with baby-faced North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, newly-installed Secretary of State John Kerry wants Rodman to leave the diplomacy to the diplomats.

Defending the Gun Deal. Meanwhile, Kerry is defending the US’s decision to help arm Syrian rebels. And they’re going to need it.

Chavez’s Cancer Scare Continues. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez's cancer setback continues to set him back. The charismatic leader hasn’t been seen in public since his surgery in December.

Disavowing Drone Deaths. US officials are saying a drone strike in Pakistan that killed up to nine wasn’t their handy work.

And Droning Home to Roost? An Italian pilot while preparing to land at JFK airport has reported seeing a drone. Officials are investigating.