No doubt noticing the success of Portland's 18 billion beer theaters, Regal Cinemas has had their eye on getting a liquor license for one of their theaters for a while—a few years ago, the plan was for their Pioneer Place location to be the first, but that fell through. Now the sign to the right is posted on the front door of the Fox Tower 10—and if all goes well, beer and wine will be on the menu soon, most likely at prices approximating the rest of Regal's concession stand items.

"It's become pretty common in a lot of movie theaters in the Oregon area," Regal Cinemas spokesman Russ Nunley told me, speaking from Regal's HQ in Knoxville, Tennessee. "We look forward to offering that service to our moviegoers at Fox Tower—should be a good match for the cinema art crowd that attends [movies] there."

While there's no shortage of second-run theaters in Portland that offer beer and wine, the only first-run theaters I can think of that do so are Cinema 21 and Living Room Theaters. Considering Fox Tower generally caters to an older, arthouse-ier crowd than most of the chain's other local theaters, it makes sense for them to try it out at Fox. That said, if beer and wine do well there—which they very likely will—I wouldn't be surprised to see a few other Regals go the same route. So: Good news, people who like drinking while watching movies! Like me!