I have no idea what this dude is talking about... though it kind of sounds like something Shia LaBeouf would plagiarize from Dianetics.

When the face you see in the mirror smiles with no happiness and your eyes still have a look of loss and emptiness, do you notice? Or do you see a new wrinkle or blemish to be erased. Maybe it's an issue that festers from inside. The heart of the matter is an itch you can't scratch and the only temporary relief is to sculpt the plastic mask.

OH SHUT UP, DUMB PERSON. God, the only thing worse than obsessing over your looks is a person obsessing over people who obsess over their looks. THINK OF SOMETHING MORE INTERESTING TO SAAAAAAAAAY! Hey, I bet YOU have some interesting rant or confession you'd like share! So why not drop it off in the I, Anonymous Blog—Portland's favorite blog that festers from inside!