Facebook unveiled their shitty new toupee and sweet-ass new sports car new news feed today. According to The Verge, it'll be bigger—because bigger is always better—and a little more granular. There will also be recommendations, which sound like it'll turn into another source of advertising revenue sooner or later:

Besides the visual redesign, Facebook is also trying to take advantage of its "Like" system and multiple streams of information from apps or different groups of friends. Along with user's friends' stories, it will begin including recommended articles or other content from people or pages that they're interested in — the example given was seeing articles about Taylor Swift if you've liked her on Facebook.

The Verge's Adi Robertson (and lots of commenters) notes that much of this redesign seems to be heavily inspired by Google+. What it means that Facebook is taking notes from a social network that the internet widely considers to be a flop is a riddle for another time. If you're very excited about this new Facebook, which Gizmodo calls "glorious," you can sign up to get it first over here.