BAYWATCH NIGHTS Baywatch Nights!
  • BAYWATCH NIGHTS Baywatch Nights!

"Just a Gigolo" (Airdate: 28 October, 1995)

Mitch and Ryan enjoy pretending to be a gigolo and wealthy widow so much that they almost forget the reason for it.

"Nights to Dragon One" (Airdate: 16 February, 1997)

Mitch and Ryan play a computer-generated D&D type game to rescue a man and his daughter. In this game, you win or you die. The game is somewhat like those on the holodeck of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

"The Cabin" (Airdate: 3 November, 1996)

In a wild ghost story, Mitch and Ryan enter an innocent cabin and find themselves in a gay '90s brothel with a gorgeous blonde in a bathtub and a raving, axe- and knife-wielding killer.

"Frozen Out of Time" (Airdate: 9 February, 1997)

Two frozen vikings have been found in Iceland and transported to Los Angeles for thawing. Finding two in a small boat is strange and then they discover that this was the way to settle a feud. The 900-year-old feud is finally settled in the present.

"The Curator" (Airdate: 9 March, 1996)

A deranged man takes a fancy to Baywatch lifeguard Caroline Holden and makes many advances. She resists, so he captures her and locks her in a cage furnished like her apartment.

"The Rig" (Airdate: 13 October, 1996)

It was the wrong day for a picnic! Mitch and Ryan head for the oil rig abandoned after a strange accident and spot a drifting yacht. Searching it they find a terrified young woman who says her host was pulled off the yacht by a weird sea monster. They have to abandon the yacht and use a rubber life raft to reach the oil rig where the gelatinous green stuff catches them.

"Kind of a Drag" (Airdate: 12 December, 1995)

Mitch becomes a delightful female impersonator when the agency investigates a series of assaults on a drag-show company.

"Ascension" (Airdate: 23 February, 1997)

Teague asks if they have ever heard of Knights Templar and then we see Ryan and Mitch confined in torture devices which are controlled with modern electronics by an Asian woman.

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