In this week's Sold Out, I wrote about an ambitious new (for now) online retailer, Wildfang. Never mind that the store has yet to actually go live—the founders, who cut their teeth working successful jobs at Nike—have already roped in celebrity ambassadors and a relatively huge social network following. They're a start-up, but one with more teeth than your average one-or-two-man fledgling operation. They already have employees, they're determined, and they just all around have their shit together. That's got a lot to do with their savvy and experience, as well as the fact that they've keyed in on a hole in the market for a retailer dedicated to the tomboy look. They're shooting high and appear to have the support to back up their goals. Remember that name: Wildfang (it's German for "tomboy"). I'd be very surprised if it's the last time you'll hear it. I mean just look at this video—if you're not among the 45,000+ people who've already viewed it on YouTube—which earned them spots on BuzzFeed, Vice, Cool Hunting, and about a billion style blogs. Did I mention they haven't even sold anything yet?