Assembly of Dust (Via)
  • Assembly of Dust (Via)

Mississippi StudiosAssembly of Dust, Sugarcane, 9 pm, $15
Aladdin Theater–Ladysmith Black Mambazo, 8 pm, $32.50-35
Alberta Rose Theatre–Mason Jennings, Haroula Rose, 8 pm, $25-28
Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall–Morrissey, 9 pm, $53.50-68.50, all ages
Branx–Lord Dying, Atriarch, Nether Regions, Gaytheist, 9:30 pm, free, all ages
Dante's–Shout Out Out Out Out, Heavenly Radio, 9 pm, $10
Doug Fir–The Maldives, Richard Buckner, 9 pm, $12
Eagles Lodge–In the Cooky Jar: DJ Cooky Parker, 9 pm
East End–Youthbitch, No Tomorrow Boys, Isaac Rother & the Phantoms, Glitter Dick, Wormbag, 9 pm
Hawthorne Theatre–Black & Blue, Sonic Temple, Sonicles, Labansky, 7 pm, $20-25
Holocene–DJ Copy, 5 pm, free; Ecstasy: Total Freedom, Miracles Club, DJ Beyondadoubt, 9 pm, $5
Jimmy Mak's–What is Hip?: Bruce Conte, Chester Thompson, Soul Vaccination, Renato Caranto, King Louis, 8 pm, $20-25
Kenton Club–Booberamapaloozafest: Aranya, Fur Coats, Mustaphamond, 9 pm
The Know–Sons of Huns, Ape Machine, Bison Bison, 8 pm
Music Millennium–Leaves Russell, 6 pm, free, all ages
The Piano Fort–Song Sparrow Research, Ryan Francesconi, Robin Bacior, 8 pm, $5-10, all ages
Reed College–Masquerade Ball: Shabazz Palaces, OC Notes, 9 pm, $20 (must buy advance tix)
Rotture–Live and Direct: Rev Shines, Slimkid3, DJ Nature, 9 pm, $5
Star Theater–KMFDM, Legion Within, 9 pm, $21
Wonder Ballroom–Emancipator, 9 pm, $16-20, all ages