In case you missed it over the weekend, KATU had a notable update in the story of Santiago A. Cisneros III—the Army vet killed by police last Monday after, cops say, he fired at two officers with a shotgun atop Metro's Lloyd District parking garage.

"Just hours" before Cisneros was shot, the station says, he was filmed by one of their camera operators at the longstanding anti-camping-ban protest outside Portland City Hall. KATU was talking to participants in teh protest while reporting a story on the Portland Business Alliance's sidewalk bill in Salem. Later, they circled back to the protest and asked if anyone remembered Cisneros—they did, and some said he didn't seem well.

One of the mainstays at the protest, a funny and warm guy who guys by the name "99," told KATU about their talks together.

KATU's cameras captured Cisneros in the corner of its video while a reporter interviewed a man who goes by the name "99" – for the 99 percent. Cisneros stood quietly nearby a few feet away and listened. He stayed at City Hall until just hours before the shootout. Cisneros never said anything to the reporter, but "99" remembered him well.

"He said, 'Man you guys, you're surrounded by great people.' And I says, 'Yeah, you're one of them.'"

Cisneros, an Iraq war veteran, was known to have struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder and admitted having tried suicide before in an interview with a Seattle TV news station in 2009. The Oregonian, citing sources who leaked details about the shooting before the two cops who shot Cisneros spoke to internal affairs investigators (the PPA?), wrote a piece last week concluding Cisneros' death was a foregone conclusion.