Two years ago, Danish band Efterklang screened their documentary An Island in a democratic way, and with insanely complicated logistics. They allowed anyone to host a screening of the movie, anywhere in the world, for free, and now with their new documentary The Ghosts of Piramida, they're doing it again.

The film examines the making of Efterklang's new album, Pyramida (which recently received a big feature on NPR). The band went to the remote island of Spitsbergen in the Arctic Ocean—much further north than the Norwegian mainland—to the abandoned coal-mining town of Pyramiden. There, they made field recordings that provided the samples that became the base of their new album. It's kind of a remarkable story—record making as global adventure—and a further example of the band never doing things the easy way.

The film screens tonight at Dig a Pony (736 SE Grand) at 7 pm, and like all the other film screenings, it's free. Take a look at the preview above. Efterklang is currently touring the West Coast, and they have the night off on the way up from their San Francisco show last night. I don't know if they'll make it to Portland in time for the screening tonight, but they will certainly be here in time for their show on Wednesday night at the Doug Fir (830 E Burnside).