Tonight, at the Hollywood Theatre's Kung Fu Theater series: The only known 35 mm print of 1977's Fatal Flying Guillotine, the prequel to the amazing Master of the Flying Guillotine! THE FLYING GUILLOTINE IS A TOTALLY PLAUSIBLE DEVICE THAT PROBABLY EXISTED. According to Kung Fu Theater Overlord Dan Halsted, Fatal Flying Guillotine is a "lower budget, batshit-crazy production" that riffs off of Master, featuring "an old evil master who fights with dual motorized flying guillotines" in a tale that "seems to have been written in some sort of drug-fueled haze." SOLD!

And I've got a pair of tickets to give away. Email me before 3 pm today (Tues March 12), and make sure your subject line is "TOTALLY PLAUSIBLE!" I'll enter your name in the contest to win 'em, then I'll email the winner around 3. The screening's at 7:30 pm tonight, tickets are normally $7, the Hollywood's at 4122 NE Sandy, and I shouldn't have to say this, but apparently I do: for chrissakes, don't enter if you can't go, because my time is unspeakably valuable and I'll flying guillotine you if you waste a single goddamn second of it. Cool? Cool. Have at!