By the way, Blogtown, I’m Dirk VanderHart, the Mercury’s latest news reporter. It’s exciting!

Tropical, the island breeze.
  • Andreas Gibson
  • Tropical, the island breeze.

Listen, I know people liked Sarah Mirk around here and you’re all probably remembering the good old days and change is rough. But think of me like the stepfather who's moving in way too soon after the divorce: No one’s trying to replace whatever it is you all had. I just want to report some stories.

A quick history: I’ve been a journalist for most of the last decade, making stops in Ohio, D.C., and Missouri before washing up in Portland a little more than three years ago. I’ve written about animals and bikes and garbage here, most often for the Oregonian, so I feel pretty well up to speed.

Also: Karaoke! I've been a KJ (karaoke jockey) for almost as long as I've lived in Portland, though I've largely given it up in order to be here, with you.

Say hello, if you feel like it.