The smart, funny, sweet Safety Not Guaranteed was one of 2012's best movies—and now its director, Colin Trevorrow, is going to direct what will unquestionably be the best movie of 2014: Jurassic Park 4! Says Deadline:

Why Trevorrow? He met with the studio and filmmakers, and they felt he was a good match for the material, having grown up a huge fan of the trilogy and part of a new generation of directors steeped in all things dinosaur.

Steeped in all things dinosaur. YES. I'm so stoked about this news that I made a picture for you guys! It's based on the amazing concept art for the amazing script for Jurassic Park 4 that I'm pretty sure has been abandoned by now... but here's hoping it hasn't, because it featured DINOSAUR-HUMAN HYBRID COMMANDOS!

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Hey, guess what a really good title for Jurassic Park 4 would be? Jurassic Park: SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED.

See you guys later!