Kickstarter! Kickstarter! There's nothing else to talk about except KICKSTARTER! So c'mon! Let's kick it into "start"!

Veronica Mars KICKSTARTER surpasses three million!

Veronica Mars creator and KICKSTARTER genius Rob Thomas talks about kickstarting his Kickstarter with Warner Brothers over a year ago.

But what does Wallace (Percy Daggs III) think about the KICKSTARTER campaign? (Spoiler alert: Shockingly, HE'S IN.)

But what about a KICKSTARTER for Firefly or Dollhouse? (Spoiler alert: Shockingly, creator Joss Whedon is NOT IN.)

But what about a KICKSTARTER for The Gilmore Girls? (Spoiler alert: NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THAT.)

Why the Veronica Mars KICKSTARTER is probably a bad thing for indie movies trying to raise money.

And finally, here is the only project worth supporting on KICKSTARTER—somebody wants to build an actual working Death Star. (Maybe to use against KICKSTARTER?)