Oh no! Guess what? Barack Obama just said Iran is "a year away" from building a nuclear weapon.

Wait! Never mind! Iran has always been just "a year away." Even a couple of years ago!

Heretics accuse the new pope, Francis, of keeping his mouth shut decades ago during Argentina's repressive internal "Dirty War." Which is exactly the kind of thing a Catholic leader would go bonkers trying to ignore. And in related news... HABUM PAPAM TWITTERICUS!

The federal prosecutor looking to take down Internet activist Aaron Swartz may have been naughty, defense lawyers allege.

A hacking strike against the Los Angeles Times was allegedly helped along by the 26-year-old deputy social media editor for the Reuters news service. Here's how Reuters covered itself.

An angry North Korea has accused the United States of hacking into its 28.8 modem and keeping its two working computers from accessing that one BBS with the pee-bomb recipes from The Anarchist Cookbook.

Hey, fat oil companies... You weren't using that $2 billion for anything else, right?

Rob Portman, GOP senator from swing state Ohio and former gay marriage foe, has come out in favor of marriage equality. Not because of empathy, but because his own son came out. Which, on the balance, is still better than doubling-down on the bigotry.

JPMorganChase is "answering" to Congress over its latest batch of likely illegal and certainly risky boffo trades.

Maryland is about to become the 18th state to ban legal murder.

There's more evidence that blitz-dosing recently infected HIV patients with antiviral drugs can help lead to a "functional cure" in a lucky few people.

Mayor Charlie Hales has backtracked
in the face of intense and sustained community and political outrage, agreeing to restore previously promised funding for a summer internship program targeting at-risk teens.