Varsity. Cheerleader. WEREWOLVES!
  • Varsity. Cheerleader. WEREWOLVES!

I'm super behind on my local theater coverage, but there's a ton of great stuff going on right now:

Portland Playhouse opens a new show tomorrow night, Mother Teresa Is Dead, about a wife and mother who ditches her home life to go do good in India. (Moral complications ensue.)

This is the last weekend to see The Velvet Sky at Theatre Vertigo; I'm kind of kicking myself for missing this one.

Also closing, Blood Knot at Profile Theatre—it's a heavy play about apartheid, well produced.

Triangle's got a much-less heavy offering: In the Next Room, or The Vibrator Play by Sarah Ruhl, another one I regret not having seen—the script has been described as a smarter, funnier version of that crappy Maggie Gyllenhaal vibrator movie Hysteria.

Sowelu's got Hard Times Come Again No More, a play drawn from the work off writer Martha Boesing and set during a 1934 Minneapolis truckers' strike.

Artists Rep is still running Red Herring, which I can't in good conscience recommend to my peers, but if you've got some parents or grandparents to entertain it's a solid bet.

Tonight, two movie-spoofs at venues conveniently located nearly across the street from each other: Troll 2: The Musical at Action/Adventure and Varsity Cheerleader Werewolves Live From Outer Space at the Funhouse Lounge.

As always, we've got a complete calendar of local theater listings right over here.