Last week, dormant heavy music label Eolian Records announced the reentry of their zombified remains into the land of the living. The scoundrels in local band Rabbits are responsible for this—the label was home to the sludge/metal/noise group's first recordings, and the label was birthed by band friend Daniel Abell, who also played in the late, lamented Under Mountains.

This means that many of the labels releases are back in print, including releases from Portland bands like the dearly missed Purple Rhinestone Eagle, the Cysts, Order of the Gash, Gone to Croatoan, Slam Dunk, City of Churches, and Acre. Meanwhile, Rabbits is reissuing their debut for Relapse, Lower Forms on 180g vinyl, and a compilation of 19 tracks from Under Mountains' thick catalog has just been released as a download and a limited edition of 50 cassettes. (You can take a listen below.)

More Eolian releases are to come, including a compilation tape with exclusive songs from 26 heavy Portland bands like Lord Dying, Gaytheist, LKN, Norska, and Prize Hog. Releases from Big Black Cloud, Drunk Dad, Diesto, Honduran, and Redneck are also planned.

Check out the new catalog and listen to the tracks on Bandcamp; Portland music just got heavier, again.