Funny's blooming, folks. It's going to explode all over your face come April 18 at Bridgetown Comedy Fest, but now's a great time to limber up those chortlin' muscles with some Iroquois twists and some stand-up from Nate Bargatze at tonight's Funny Over Everything. The monthly showcase at the Hollywood is helmed by the Merc's Portland as Fuck columnist Mr. Ian Karmel. This oughta be a good one too. Bargatze's got a slow, Southern approach to delivering his jokes and they hit with good-humored aplomb. Here's another clip to peruse. Plus, your hosts are Sean Jordan and the very funny Shane Torres, and Ian, of course. Tonight should be a pantsload of haha.

Funny Over Everything with Nate Bargatze
Hollywood Theatre, 4122 NE Sandy
tonight, 8 pm, $10