There's no news like KICKSTARTER! news... so let's kick out the starters! KICKSTARTER!!

Big time film muckety-muck Harvey Weinstein offers to distribute the Veronica Mars KICKSTARTER! movie, and here's his reasoning: "Why not?" Good logic, Harvey!

Now creator Rob Thomas wants to bring back the Veronica Mars series on Netflix... with no help from KICKSTARTER! (Also, the funniest guy on New GirlMax Greenfield—is reprising his role as hot Deputy Leo D'Amato! SQUEEEEEEE!!)

Did Veronica Mars ruin KICKSTARTER!?? Answer: Maybe! Or maybe not at all! Or absolutely!

Don't expect a revival of Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles from KICKSTARTER! Because... because!

And finally, The Onion takes on KICKSTARTER!