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Click on the video above—filmed at the Rum Club—if you'd like to see a winsome barkeep pour you a virtual cocktail while you're still in your morning shorts.

Bavarians have their radlers, subjects of the Queen have their shandies, and here stateside we enjoy the occasional liter of brass monkey. No matter your moniker, it's beer cut with soda or juice, and it's always struck me as, well, a good way to get even fatter and less drunk from beer. The fine people at Portland's own House Spirits Distillery have flipped the concept on its head, and, in a cross-promotion with Widmer hefeweizen, have created a refreshing beer-based warm weather drink that should get you donked in a hurry. Composed of Aviation gin, hefeweizen, lemon juice, and honey syrup, it's the first cocktail in a series of do-it-yourself clips House Spirits is putting out for Aviation gin—collect them all.