• Image courtesy of Yelp.

The team from Killer Burger, who did a neat little trick called perfecting the hamburger, have just opened the Southwestern restaurant Hatch. To pump some red-hot razzmatazz into their baby's nativity tableau, they are offering "Free Dinner with the owners and management of Killer Burger and Hatch." You heard that right—the opportunity you've always wanted, but been too timid to ask for. What's that thing called, where it's Christmas? Christmas? This is like that.*

To get the full details on how to enter the drawing, go scroll around on their Facebook page here.

* I jest out of respect. I'd actually really like to sit down and chat with the people who engineered the near-perfect hamburger restaurant. (I say near-perfect because that "rock" music they play in their dining rooms is, as our Spanish friends would say, "más corny.")