Do they make house calls.
  • Do they make house calls.

The Cafe2U press release I got this morning struck me at first as kind of sad. It touted a coffee delivery service for Portland, "A mobile expresso [sic] van [...] bringing gourmet coffee to customers who can't get to a local coffee shop." First off, "expresso." Cut that shit out, all of you. Second, who can't get to good coffee in Portland? Manacled prisoners? Even those with their ankles in bear traps can usually drag themselves half a block to a Stumptown or creaky, shabby-chic boutique cafe with fair trade beans and ambitiously priced "outsider art" on the walls. But then I considered the underserved 10,000+ workforce on Swan island, the cart pods that lack a dedicated caffeine vendor (of which there are surprisingly several), even the small but desperate band of souls that sits endlessly in my mechanic's waiting room, with access to nothing but hot swill that seems to have been brewed with Sharpie nibs.

Can this business fly here? Do you need them in your area? Do you *want* franchised coffee in your parking lot?