In my review of the first of this year's terrorists-take-over-the-White House films, Olympus Has Fallen, I pointed out that the film is "The best Die Hard movie released so far this year." So I read with interest the always-excellent A.O. Scott's review of Olympus the New York Times, in which he notes,

The most recent Die Hard movie—which the record shows I reviewed a little more than a month ago, although I have no recollection of it—was terrible, but it turns out not to have been the worst Die Hard movie this year. That honor, for the moment at least (it’s only March!), belongs to Olympus Has Fallen.... (Via.)

It appears Mr. Scott and I disagree on the quality of Die Hard in Russia, but so it goes. But that's not even the most interesting thing about the Times' review. Take a look at the image they used. Notice anything weird about the White House?


When I went to FilmDistrict's press site to download a high-res version of that image, I found this one, too:


Olympus Has Fallen's CG is pretty chintzy, true—but hey, at least in the finished movie, it's there. (FilmDistrict's official captions for those images, by the way, are "Gerard Butler stars as Mike Banning in Olympus Has Fallen" and "Melissa Leo and Rick Yune in FilmDistrict's Olympus Has Fallen.")

Chances are, these images are being made available due to some harmless gaffe by somebody in FilmDistrict's PR department. Assuming that's the case, said gaffe is pretty well-timed: This is as good of an opportunity as any to remind you guys about my new favorite blog, Before VFX, and the reasons why it exists.

(Thanks to Mark for the heads up, who asks, "Seriously? What the hell. Was this a 48-hour film project and they just finished the effects last night?")