The Supreme Court's liberal justices, as expected, are tearing into the poor attorneys trying to defend California's ban on marriage equality, 2008's Proposition 8, with an argument that links matrimony to babymaking. Professional homophobe Antonin Scalia, also as expected, is rubbing his hands together and cackling. But actually interesting? Pointed, skeptical, and emotional testimony from the court's swing justices.

Tsk tsk! Michele Bachmann might be in trouble over allegations she mixed and mingled campaign accounts to pay the staffers helping her doomed presidential run.

An Italian court says a Washington student acquitted in the 2007 throat-slashing murder of a fellow exchange student must be retried, for reasons unknown, extending what's already been a years long legal soap opera.

This 17-year-old millionaire snapped up by Yahoo because of his mobile news reading app has managed to make his way onto every major news site in the world.

Yawn. North Korea is now officially "combat ready" and targeting military bases on the West Coast, Guam, and Hawaii.

An exiled Russian billionaire found dead at home in Britain likely hung himself amid a spell of depression, and doesn't appear to have been assassinated, according to the first stages of a forensics investigation.

Unlikeable people pretend to be likeable on TV so we'll watch a lot of commercials. But they don't always do a good job pretending. I think that's mostly what this story is about.

Pay attention, pot growers.
Cops need a warrant before letting a drug dog onto your property to sniff out what their less-sensitive human noses could not.

Some Russian adoptee decided a nagging American mother was worse than life as a non-oligarch in Russia.

Shocker! An old man is bad at using his cell phone!

The only thing worse than losing a basketball game to Cassville High is when the kids at Cassville also decide to put some piss in your water cooler.