I like this news: Local music video director/photographer Alicia J. Rose has been tapped to direct the upcoming teen comedy My Summer as a Goth, which is described in the press release as "part John Hughes, part My Fair Lady, with a gothic twist."

Pre-production funds were raised on Kickstarter, to the tune of $23,000, and it's co-produced by Portland Oregon Women's Film Fest executive director Tara Johnson-Medinger and screenwriter Brandon L. Roberts.

Rose's great video for the Corin Tucker Band's "Neskowin" solidly illustrates why Rose landed the gig: It's about two small-town girls who head into the "big city" (Portland!) for a night of music, rowdiness, and fun, and it's full of exuberance and endearingly familiar teenaged hijinks. (Raise your hand if you used to bus in from somewhere else to go to Ground Kontrol.)

Filming is slated to begin this summer in the Portland area.