TV game shows in the '70s were the shit. Screw this contemporary Fear Factor and Survivor-spawned crap. I want my competitive television like they were back in the day: cocaine-fueled, polyester-clad monuments to Aqua Net and Virginia Slims where nervous audience members nervously titter about "Making Whoopie," when you know damn well everyone was swinging from the rafters as soon as the cameras went off. That's entertainment.

So I was pretty excited when I learned about Fill in the Blank. Showing tonight at Curious Comedy Theater, the show is a modern rip-off of Match Game. "Celebrity" panelists (mostly local comedians) complete sentences and phrases and two audience members compete for prizes.

Tonight's the third one, so they've had some time to find their groove. Reports back from the first couple of shows confirmed that the celebrity panelists were hilarious, prizes were excellent, and host Nic Goans was born about 40 years too late.

Do yourself and all of Portland a favor. Go see this show so they keep doing more of them.