What are you doing tonight? Hmm let me guess... I don't know... this is just a hazard, but might it involve... DRINKIN'?

Am I right? If so here's a way to make your drinking dollars work for you: In honor of the 2013 Eat & Drink Guide, "Your Personal Passport to Consumption in Portland, Oregon" (which is tucked into the current issue and also here), we are running a contest on Instagram, giving away the grand prize of a PBR package of collectible swag and an all-expense-paid bar crawl with Portland's (affable, charming, super fun) Pabst ambassador Matt Slessler and a grab bag of Mercury employee(s)! (We will only send the nice ones, unless otherwise requested.)


Plus, it is super easy to win.

Instructions for doing so:

Simply post an Instagram photo of yourself and/or a friend holding the Eat & Drink guide at one of the many drinking establishments who've advertised in the guide, and tag both the bar and the Merc (with the hashtag #MercEatandDrink2013). Repeat for a total of five. Done! And don't worry, you don't have to do it all in one night, or even do any of it tonight: The contest is running all the way through the end of April, which means you can probably get this done without even altering your life's course. And! Ten runners up will also receive vouchers for Merc Perks, your one-stop for half-off deals from local businesses of all kinds. Free money, baby!