What are we talking about this week? Hmm, let's consult the old mailbag, shall we?

—You care a lot about the outcome of the debate over new housing developments and parking spaces. Some of you think parking spots are as essential as bathrooms because 'Merica, some say the city is already missing the opportunity to charge for parking all the time and everywhere, and some fret that Portland will begin to resemble the parking spot-starved landscape of New York City! New York City!

—Also, we should be using more solar power if we want to throw our weight around in the eco-friendly high five club.

—How about instead of using fewer cops and concentrating on crime "hotspots," we just let people jaywalk and sleep in dog poop if they want to, eh?

—Did Sam Adams leave behind too many unfinished and questionably feasible programs in his wake? Such as bike share?

—You know what you guys are good at? Coming up with names for band-themed names for food carts. No really, you are super talented. Let's figure out a way to monetize this.

  • Illustration by David Antonio Perezcassar