We've loved Hausu for many moons. It was announced this week that the Portland band has signed with Seattle label Hardly Art, known for excellent, at times challenging work. This is a match made in rock 'n' roll heaven.

Hausu's debut full-length Total—that's the front cover above—will come out June 25, and the lead track "Leaning Mess") is available for your ears right this second. Featuring the band's unmatched blend of post-punk, regular punk, punk-pop, post-hardcore, and... ugh, sorry. Just typing that made me hate myself. Let me put it this way: Hausu fucking kicks ass, and so does this song. It's noisy and sweet and weird and heavy and light, all at once. I can't wait for the whole album, which was recorded here in town at YU Contemporary (where Dirty Projectors recorded the now-legendary Bitte Orca) with Naomi Punk collaborator Dylan Wall.

Hausu kick off a nationwide tour on June 5 with a show at Mississippi Studios. You'll be hearing more about them from us, without a doubt. (You can also check out "Leaning Mess" on YouTube.)