Police Say Old Town's Weekend Street Closures are (Maybe) Working


"30 percent less violations. The reason, police suggest: Higher officer visibility."

- No shit. Though you can still walk two blocks to NW 6th between Davis and Couch and easily score any drug you want and/or an underage prostitute. Sketchy dudes be pimpin and hustlin; lurkin ready to make you an offer...tonight. Go there. Try it. Just don't park in the prohibited parking zone cos Cops will ticket you and then tow your shit. $$$

"If you've been in this area on weekends, you know it hasn't yet blossomed as an "entertainment district" in the vein of the nearby stretch of SW Ankeny."

-Whatever. With the Roseland, Star Theater, Crown Room, Backspace, Ground Kontrol...ect in the area, the so called Entertainment District can be like Mardi Gras on any given night. Even in the dead of Winter which is when the Police were conducting their 'research'. Fuckin party!
I'd like to point out Tom that only one of the establishments you mentioned above fall within that red rectangle on the map. I've noticed more issues from clubs/bars with a propensity to cater to a certain type of "bro" demographic in that area than issues with places that cater to crowds that frequent places like Backspace and Ground Kontrol. In fact it's why I can't barely stand going to one of my favorite venues in the city that ACTUALLY falls within that map.
Has any city department ever come out and said a plan didn't work? CYA rules everything around me.
"Compared to the first eight weeks of 2012, police saw about 31 percent more demand at times streets are now closed (between 10 pm and 3 am on Fridays and Saturdays), the report says. But cops actually chronicled around 30 percent less violations.

"The reason, police suggest: Higher officer visibility."

So why doesn't PPD change their uniforms to bright orange?
The police say a lot of things.
The volume of late night noise, disorderliness, fights, loud cars and loud motorcycles has actually gone up in the immediate residential areas surrounding the "no car" zone, since all of the parking has shifted a few streets over in each direction. So, causing negative impact to the residents will cause people to move out of the area, not into the area, which is the opposite tack PDC is attempting to promote.

And, it really doesn't address the fundamental problem -- attempting to reduce crime. It simply shifts it a few blocks.