We're not entitled to romantic love, we're not entitled to sex, we're not entitled to equal treatment under the law. But we are entitled to friendship:

Once again: marriage isn't "one man, one woman, forever, to bring about new life" if you're straight.

Straight people don't have to marry to have children, they don't have to have children to marry, and they don't have remain married forever. Newt Gingrich fucked the shit out of his "devoutly Catholic" mistress for eight years. Then, when Newt's second wife refused to agree to an open marriage, Newt divorced her, converted to Catholicism, and married his mistress. After thirteen years of (third) marriage, Newt and his "devoutly Catholic" wife Callista have yet to produce new life. But somehow Newt and Callista are entitled to marriage rights—their marriage rite was performed in a Catholic church—despite the fact that Gingrich's marriage violates "what God has taught" Cardinal Dolan about marriage.


Dolan's God's rules only apply when gay couples want to marry. Straight couples can do whatever they want. Straight couples like Newt and Callista can shit all over God's rules and Dolan's church won't object. Hell, Dolan's church will bless the the shit out of that union.

Gay couples to Cardinal Dolan: You're entitled to go fuck yourself.