After nine years at the helm of radio variety show Live Wire!, Courtenay Hameister is stepping down as host.

"I am simply not a person who is built for getting up in front of 400 people for three hours twice a month," explains Hameister of her decision to step down. "I've always loved being head writer, reading my essays and performing with the sketch comedy troupe, but doing interviews and being the sole conductor of the freight train that is our live show was causing me undue stress that I finally decided was too unhealthy to sustain."

"Those who listen to the show know that I had my gall bladder out New Year's Eve, and my doctor mentioned that stress is often a factor when it comes to gall stones. I only have so many expendable organs left, so I'm quitting while I'm ahead."

Live Wire! has gotten steadily better over the years: Their guest booking is the most interesting in town at this point (who else is gonna put Kristen Schaal and Lisa Hanawalt on a bill?), and Courtenay's a great interviewer with a relatable, self-deprecating demeanor. For the sake of her organs, though, it sounds like stepping down is the right thing to do.

She'll continue to co-produce the show and serve as head writer; Seattle's Luke Burbank will step in as interim host for the remainder of the spring season, as Live Wire! searches for a new permanent host.