One Last JT Leroy Post


Barry Graham, you're my hero. Here's hoping you have permanently soured Laura Albert on ever returning.

To be more precise (as negative attention won't dissuade an attention whore), here's hoping you have permanently soured anyone with any shred of credibility in the arts community on risking their shred for this has-been fraud.
I often compare myself to Tommy, not because I am blind and deaf but rather I am really into Pinball.
Yeah, that whole thing was a bad idea. What were they thinking?
Barry Graham is the FRAUD. Barry Graham is a known and outed fraud. He is no Zen monk. Most Zen practitioners want him GONE. They denounce him. As a writer, he did no research on Ms. Albert at all. The answers to the "questions" he abusively shouted at Ms. Albert are public record.
The records are available: yes, she - and Alice Walker - were invited to represent American writers on a panel in a literary festival in Brazil. Yes, she did speak before thousands in Sapporo, Japan, last summer. She was an invited juror at the Sapporo Film Festival. Yes, her childhood is exactly as she described. The records ARE THERE to be checked. Barry Graham is a putz. HE is the ATTENTION-WHORE. Who ever heard of him? No-one.

What's possibly more interesting than played-out Laura Albert BS would be learning how someone like yourself winds up as her apologist/sock puppet. Care to shed any light on how you came to her work, and why you presumably decided to stick by her after the hoax was revealed? In other words, to everyone else the hoax (and Albert's revealed behavior) ruined whatever cultural value her work had. Why is it easy for you to disregard what everyone else believes are clear, rational grounds for dismissal?