MUSIC—Despite working alongside a list of hiphop's A-listers—including, um, Kanye and Jay-Z—Talib Kweli's never found the recognition he deserves. That doesn't stop him from putting on fantastic shows—and tonight should be no exception, since Kweli, the muscle behind Black Star and Reflection Eternal, will be backed by a live band. EH
w/Cory Mo, the Chicarones, DJ Biggz; Hawthorne Theatre, 1507 SE César E. Chávez, 8 pm, $22-25, all ages

—The entrancing, nightmarish pop of Esben and the Witch casts a spell over you, as the Brighton, UK trio walks that fine line between delicate and destructive. Their latest, Wash the Sins Not Only the Face, is filled with roiling drama, and their live show is like being situated in the eye of an enormous hurricane—in other words, a real rush. NL
w/Heliotropes, Nightmare Fortress; Mississippi Studios, 3939 N Mississippi, 9 pm, $12