Wheels of Justices last game against Bay Area: 2012 Western Playoffs. There were sad faces in Portland when it was over.
  • Masonite Burn (AKA Sharkey)
  • Wheels of Justice's last game against Bay Area: 2012 Western Playoffs. There were sad faces in Portland when it was over.

The skating just doesn't stop. Hot off of March's plethora of roller derby bouts, there are two more nights of hard hits and sweat-soaked fun this weekend. Friday sees the Rose City Rollers home team the Break Neck Betties going toe-to-toe-stop with Grave Danger, a Rat City home team from Seattle. Fri April 5, The Hangar at Oaks Park, 8 pm, $14-20, tix.

And Saturday is the main event: Portland's all-star team the Wheels of Justice vs. their biggest rivals, the Bay Area Derby Girls. I can't even begin to tell you how much Portland wants to crush them. The Wheels of Justice's championship hopes were squashed last year by Bay Area, a team they were expected to beat at West Region Playoffs. And that was not the first time those dames from SF have crushed Rose City's roller derby dreams. Expect much grudge matchery. Sadly, the bout is sold out, but you can watch the live stream here. Sat April 6, The Hangar, 7 pm, sold out.

Speaking of March's bouts... hit the jump for short 'n' snappy Rose City Rollers game recaps as I dish the hot-poop on a delightful Rosebuds halftime dance party, an epic game between the Guns N Rollers and Break Neck Betties, and the women on Wheels of Justice vs. the dudes of Portland Men's Roller Derby.

Friday, March 22's Wheels of Justice bout against the Portland Men's Roller Derby was more of a widespread win than I think the crowd was anticipating. FINAL: Wheels of Justice 189, men's all-star Bridgetown Menace 134. The all-star ladies of WOJ had a deep jammer lineup, which they used great effect. The boys took the early lead until Scald Eagle snatched it away and never gave it back. Men's jammer Cougar Bait racked up an impressive 29-point jam at the start of the second half, but a wealth of penalties and the ejection of Enzo Tight didn't serve the men's team well.

For the first time in years and years and years, the Guns N Rollers beat the Break Neck Betties. And it was a spectacular game on Saturday (watch it here). The Betties had an early and fairly substantial lead, but GNR had a strong second half, where they consistently ticked away at their deficit and used power jams to grab an endgame lead change with Untamed Shrew jamming. The last jam started with a 6-point difference on the scoreboard with Betties jammer Mutch Mayhem trying to wrest back the lead. Mutch put 7 more points on the tally, but GNR's Scald Eagle was right behind her. FINAL: Guns N Rollers 170, Break Neck Betties 167. While GNR may have won, I think Betties blocker Indigo Hurls had a personal victory with a pretty epic hit to Scald Eagle. It was highly impressive.

On Sunday, the Rosebuds weren't able to replicate their game magic from their last bout with the I-5 Rollergirls, which was a real squeaker. This go-around, I-5 was on fire with incredibly tight defense and offense. And I-5's jammer lineup was off the hook. Personally, I think the junior derby gals on the Rosebuds won in fun. Their Carly Rae Jepsen halftime dance party was the best thing I've seen in many a moon. And I am in awe of Rosebuds skater Jesus Feist. She's a smart player and she always looks like she's having the time of her life. A lot of the Rosebuds were seeing a great game: Heavy Nettle, Annaphyaltic Shock, Tempest Fugit, Rainbow Dash, and Little Bo Weep all killed it. But they weren't able to overcome I-5's gameplay. FINAL: I-5 Rollergirls 251, Rosebuds 114.