What do you get when you don't tip? SLIME TOMATOES.

I would never spit on someones food, but once you have stiffed me a couple times, you get the slime tomatoes from the bottom, and the worst of everything else. Don't worry, I remember your face. You can think of whatever excuse or reasoning you want, but you still get the slime tomatoes. Business guy on his cell phone forgets to tip every time? Slime tomatoes. Look deep into my eyes and say thank you while drawing a line through my bill money? Slime tomatoes. I only find a few slime tomatoes a day, but I'll find something squishy for you don't worry.

Do you want to get slime tomatoes? Then submit your best rants and confessions to the I, Anonymous Blog, where—here's a tip: non-tippers get slime tomatoes!