An interview with Patti Davis was in the New York Times yesterday. Things were said.

As Republican politicians wrestle with same-sex marriage, the daughter of a party icon — former President Ronald Reagan — said in an interview this week that she believes her father would have “been puzzled” by the political fuss and would have supported marriage for gay people.

I understand the need for kids to think the best of their parents, and she is basing this information on some anecdotal evidence—Reagan was friends with a lesbian couple, and he explained to Davis while watching a Rock Hudson movie that “some men are born wanting to love another man"—but I find it hard to believe that Davis really believes this. The president who refused to acknowledge the AIDS epidemic is going to be a gay marriage supporter? Come on. Reagan clearly was a believer in the common Republican sensibility that gay people are fine as long as they stay deep, deep in the closet and don't make any noise.