Ah yes, what were we talking about again?

Here's what this week's brand new batch of letter writers had to say about last week:

—That extremely concerning I, Anonymous about the author's failed suicide attempt? To whoever authored that: People who have never even met you care and are worried about you, and some even know exactly how you feel. Talk to them.

—Somewhat surprisingly, nobody batted an eyelash when we devoted a lengthy feature to Bob Seger. In fact it achieved quite the opposite, uncorking a collective gush of Seger-directed adoration from fans across America. Good times.

—Some guy thinks that it's no so much that god dislikes homosexuals, to paraphrase Michelle Shocked, as it is that god hates all of mankind in general. Or maybe it's just that he likes Slayer? He definitely likes Leprechauns.

—And finally, letter winner Brian gives Mayor Charlie Hales some advice on parking space management that mostly takes the shape of reenacting scenes from Back to the Future, which we could totally get behind, BTW.

When you write a letter that allows us to title it 1.21 GIGAWATTS! everybody wins.
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  • When you write a letter that allows us to title it "1.21 GIGAWATTS!" everybody wins.