An FX flub up that means good news for you! If you haven't watched the best show currently on television (that would be The Americans... hello!), you can catch this week's episode on the FX site. Apparently the episode ran long, and America's DVRs cut off the dramatic ending, and who cares? IT'S THE AMERICANS for free. Watch it.

Anybody catch NBC's debut of Hannibal last night? Didn't get to it yet, but reviewers are pooping their pants in excitement.

If you didn't hear, the guy that plays Charlie on Girls (Christopher Abbott) apparently got into a dust-up with creator Lena Dunham and quit. Here's a Charlie retrospective!

Louis C.K. talks about his childhood and why he's not a multi-millionaire in this entertaining interview with Howard Stern.

In tribute, here are Roger Ebert's "20 Most Epic Movie Pans."

Mad Men's Elisabeth Moss does some scantily clad poses for GQ, which I'm sure I should be offended by, except for the fact that she's heavenly.

And finally, don't forget! The new season 6 of Mad Men debuts this Sunday night with a two-hour episode at 9 pm on AMC—and to celebrate? Let's revisit the very best Roger Sterling one-liners via this handy supercut!