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Hometown hero/comedian Ron Funches who recently left Portland to seek his fortune in L.A. has already hit a small pot of gold with his guest spot last night on New Girl, where he turned in TWO quick, but hilarious performances as a homeless person (dressed only in a trenchcoat and filthy white underpants) who interrupts Winston's romantic date with his version of George Michael's "Father Figure" and later "Dude Looks Like a Lady." ("Just like Mrs. Doubtfire!") Sure, one can grouse about him being cast in a homeless role, but the dude murdered it, and was such a highlight, he was also featured in the closing credits. So congrats, Ron!

Weirdly, there isn't a single screencap or vid of his performance on the entire internet (unless you're one of those pirate people), but you can catch it online when Fox unlocks the episode in a week. Don't miss it! In the meantime, the internet blogger reviews are in, and here's what they're saying about Ron's performance:

From Vulture:

Eventually, Schmidt and Winston start brainstorming about the worst thing they’ve ever experienced on a date, and that’s when it becomes clear that they’re not going to make it anywhere near the restaurant. Winston and a girl were once serenaded by a shirtless, overweight homeless guy singing George Michael’s “Father Figure.”

Okay, that didn't really reveal much about his performance. How about this review from The Two Cents:

Fueled by a fear that their friendship is nothing without him, Schmidt and Winston decide to ruin Nick’s big date. Send in the shirtless singing hobo!

Better... but... how about one from Den of Geek:

Because Winston’s worst date was when a random homeless man marched up to his table and danced and sang 80s love ballads for the entire time. Yes, we get a flashback. Yes, it is hilarious. Yes, I wanted that scene to just keep going. Sadly, the rest of the episode had to happen.

That's more like it! And here's an even better one from The Loop:

The flashback that followed may be the funniest scene in New Girl history. In short, we watched a fat, shirtless homeless man sing George Michael’s “Father Figure” to Winston’s date while grinding the air. Whoever came up with that bit clearly has a inside track on what tickles my fickle funny bone. I must have rewatched it eight times in a row and I still couldn’t stop giggling like Ron Swanson in the presence of a free steak dinner.

And finally, someone who actually recognized Ron! From

...and the other homeless guy who serenaded Winston against his will to George Michael's "Father Figure." (By the way, that guy was played by an incredibly talented stand-up comedian named Ronald Funches. Do yourself a favor, next time he's in town, check out his act. You won't be sorry).

Again, congrats Ron, and we hope to be seeing more (not necessarily naked) of you on TV soon!