Remember how Barack Obama won the presidential election? Remember how that happened? His adviser addressed GOP condemnation of the president's budget plan this morning with a dainty little rejoinder: "What this president will not do is, come in, right after getting re-elected, and enact the Romney economic plan, which is what the Republicans in the House are proposing."

The TV will be sad today about the death of six Americans in Afghanistan, including a "promising" 25-year-old "promising" diplomat. The TV probably won't spend as much time lamenting the 12 Afghan civilians—10 children and two women—reportedly killed in a NATO retaliation strike.

So the Pentagon is nervously delaying a long-planned missile test in California, walking on some military-grade eggshells in the face of North Korea's intense bellicosity.

And all the shouting has finally gotten China to publicly tell its tiny and weird and utterly dependent vassal to maybe, pretty please shut the hell up.

Nuclear talks with Iran are testing everybody's patience. By everybody, I mean Israel and the United States and your father-in-law watching Fox News.

The bigshots at Rutgers knew for a long time, since waaaaay before the arrival of a damning video last November, that fired basketball coach Mike Rice was abusing players. And yet they did nothing.

"Pregnant orangutan clinging to the last remaining forest tree after bulldozers clear jungle to make way for oil plantation."

Hands off my New York City apartment building, "evil doppelganger" with my same name who is also several years older and homeless and blind and "very crafty."

Science suspects shrooming is super for your soul.