Monday Hate-Reading


Sounds like he's a dick. I'm baffled by people who just pull up stakes and move across the country without first finding out what the city is like. "I moved here in December and this is what I found." Strange.

He says that half the people moved here from somewhere else, and yet are not impressed by his journey from New York. The two facts are connected buddy. No one is stoked that your here, because you are just one in a thousand showing up this year. Last year, it was a different thousand.

A hitchhiking directionless d-bag who can just pick a destination out of the atlas because he doesn't have anything more serious going on is precisely the type of person you're complaining about in your listicle.
I dunno, both the writer and the women he describe sound just like about everyone in the under 30 crowd in our precious hamlet.
Way to go, giving that blog even more publicity...
I'd been hoping that the Merc would just ignore this guy. He's a shitty-writer trying to post troll-bait for pageviews on a Mens' Rights site. Tearing down his asinine arguments is just shooting fish in a barrel and boring.
Best comment:

"i can't take the writer of this article seriously when he looks this:…

as skewed as the dating market might be against the average guy, when aesthetically you're a 0/10 you have no right to complain about not getting girls.

you're a fatass, your fashion is utter shit, and yet you feel you deserve "slender, feminine women". strong MRA/Red Pill hamster. work on yourself first."
Hate to say it ladies, but some of you do dress as disciples of Lord Humongous.

All jokes aside, they show dude's picture in the comments section and he does look a little Rapey McGein-ish.
Hi. I've met 0.0006% of the girls living in this city and i've come up with a few airtight, incontrovertible conclusions.

And yes, I'm quite different from racists, homophobes, xenophobes, and other people that blanket-hate a whole subset of people with virtually zero empirical evidence to back up their assertions.
WAIT WHAT? That overboiled egghead of a man is a "men's rights" activist? What a shitbag.
This is the guy who also wrote a "satirical" piece on his blog called "How to Rape Women and Get Away with It." To his credit, I guess, he took the article down and posted an apology:…
There was a guy in Pittsburgh a few years ago named George Sodini that had a blog a lot like this. In 2009 he walked into 24 hour fittness and began randomly executing women.
Lets looks at this guy make fun of troubled teens who commit suicide. I'm going to put this guy into the category of absolute scum.…
Makes fun of teens who kill themselves, "funny" rape blog post, wholesale distaste for Portland women, looks like someone you'd see in Who's Busted for masturbating in a public library? Portland women: if not damp as sponge down there yet then get your lady bits to a gyno stat!
Truly though, it is hard out there for a short, stocky bald man.
I'll just add to Graham's comment that was not merely a blog making fun of a suicidal teen, it was another rape apologist blog. I mean basically he slut shames her in the most overt way and says she has it coming. While her case may not have been rape, it's the same logic. I mean, show me the man - not in religious or political office - who fails to impress with a fourgy with an elite group of girls.
I agree with the baiting topic. I guess if you can't get laid because you are a messed up creepy misogynist, the next best thing is to piss people off to get attention. He was probably chased out of New York by a bunch of hipsters with designer pitchforks and organic beeswax torches. That would explain a few things. Time to let this a-hole fade away.
You guys, he got us all!…

Ahhhh no he still sounds like a date-rapist at best.
Ugh, he's like Eminem, starting shit and then singing about it hurts his feelings that other people expressed anger about him. I actually could refute some of his points directly. Our weather and homeless problem, for instance, have nothing to do with his titular point of why it sucks to be a single man in Portland. I'm betting that most of his overweight women actually came into the bar from the 'burbs. I mean, in the same way, he could have made fun of douchey people who aren't Portlandy at all, but hang out in Old Town bars. If you were to do a percentage of visible hipsters, I think they'd truly be a very low portion of our population. I've been to Bright Eyes concerts here where the crowd was dressed business casual. And as for our "snobbery," first I hear Seattle is worse; second it could relate back to his point about the homeless. I certainly assume any stranger speaking to me wants something. And also, he's a big fat bad sexist loser.