My my my, it's more Monday musics!

Here's the new track from Luck-One, from his upcoming "fralbum" (that's free album, for all you accountants) Curse of the Pharoah, which is due out this summer. Simultaneously invective, self-reflective, and musically stampeding, "Strange Fruit" was produced by Samerei, and Luck himself says it's possibly his greatest lyrical performance yet. I don't disagree.

Last night Charts released their brand new EP Vacation at last night's show at Rontoms. Its four great tracks see the band squeegeeing off the lo-fi grime of their past recordings, and the clarity shows their songwriting chops are stronger than ever. Here's the first track, the wide-eyed and possibly ironic "Settling Down," with a bouncing beat, crushed-out bass, and tropical guitar.

Last week, the We Shared Milk hastily released their second album a few short months after their first full-length. Lame Sunset was recorded in their practice space and is a bit more lean and focused than their first, which was recorded with lots of other Portland bands; this is the We Shared Milk standing on their own feet and finding a bit more of their own identity. Here's the second track, the churning, chugging "Gross Deathbeds."

Lastly, here's one from a Portland band called Big Haunt that I don't know too much about. This song and another track called "I Am the Terror" made their way to my inbox, and they show the trio taking on old weird folk. This track, "Quiet Age," has a granite-gravestone-like coolness and a smoky ambience, not to mention the band's eerie harmonies.