Someone delightful is posting semi-regular police blotter roundups from Lake Oswego and West Linn. Any more setup than that would be a disservice. Enjoy.

Two suspicious men wearing suits were seen entering a bank on Mercantile Drive. It turned out they were bank employees.

A dispute over garbage can placement has broken out between neighbors.

“DARN DARN” was tagged on fence in the 1600 block of S.E. Oak Street.

A man walking his dog near Trillium Creek School yelled at a woman’s parking job.

“MARRY XMAS” in red spray paint was reported at S.E. Cedar Street and Fifth Avenue.

A woman on Oak Street became suspicious when she discovered a wet footprint on her front porch. It was her own.

And what the shit is going on down on Country Club Road? Goddamned anarchy, it sounds like.

A group of five or six young females, including one with pink hair, was observed talking on Country Club Road.

Tennis balls were sailing at cars going down Country Club Road.

Baseballs were being thrown at cars driving down Country Club Road.

(Tip o' the cap on this one to the also delightful Alex Zielinski)