While this is theater news, it qualifies as local music news, too:

Manos: The Hand of Fate opens this Thursday, April 11, and Blitzen Trapper fans will want to take note: The band's drummer, Brian Adrian Koch, is the production's director and adapted the 1966 film to the stage. He's also one of the stars of the production, which takes the silly camp classic—once spoofed by Mystery Science Theater 3000—and turns it into a stage comedy, not unlike recent translations of Road House, The Lost Boys, and Weekend at Bernie's. (However, this adaptation of Manosn first premiered all the way back in 2006, predating the current wave of bad-movies-reinvented-as-hilarious-Portland-theater.) The show's humor shouldn't come as a surprise to those who've seen Koch perform (like in this tour promo video for the band Poor Moon).

That's not the only Blitzen Trapper connection. The house band is made up of three musicians, one of which is BT frontman Eric Earley. The band is rounded out by two other local heavy-hitters—Kevin Robinson of Viva Voce and Charlie Hester of the Parson Red Heads.

Since Manos sounds hilarious in its own right, the fact that a bunch of great local musicians are part of it is just the tip of the icing... or the cherry on the icing... or chopped nuts? Or something. Anyway, the damn thing's an iceberg sundae. More info and tickets over on Capital I Production's website.