Coming in a paltry 65 days after the "legal" deadline, President Obama unveiled a budget proposal this morning sure to rankle everyone. As expected, the document contains sharp cuts to Social Security and Medicare, a bid to woo Republicans. They're not having it, though, since the proposal also further taxes wealthy individuals. Democrats, meanwhile, don't want to cut social services. “We don’t view this budget as a starting point in the negotiations. This is an offer where the president came more than halfway toward the Republicans," an anonymous senior official told the Washington Post. Delightful.

Well lookee here. New federal gun control legislation, which looked doubtful last week, has revived prospects after senators accomplished the good-faith negotiating that's supposed to be part of their job. The agreement provides for background checks at gun shows and in online sales.

We can't decide whether to support or condemn a society where you can get busted sending dick pics to random Seattleites and still potentially be mayor of our greatest city.

It's hard out here for a pachyderm.

We updated you on the men's basketball championship yesterday, but everyone knows it's the women's title that's important. The University of Connecticut claimed it last night, blowing out the University of Louisville. Good hustle, everybody.

In case you missed it, Fleet Week is ruined! Sort of. There will be less fewer ships, at least.

Much as we hate all the twee nonsense bandied about over Portland's Mill Ends Park—which is a planter in the middle of Naito Parkway—we certainly don't want to relinquish ANYTHING to the British, even a pointless designation.

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Fact: Beyond being the sweet, seared delights on your plate when you're being fancy, scallops are strong swimmers.