Alison was too disgusted to write about this so she passed it off to me (hint: "Who's your daddy?" is not a good subject if you want Alison to open an e-mail). A dating website that specializes in rich men kinda buying sex from young women studied its own membership and found Portland to be in the top 20 cities for sugar daddying. I'm not going to link to them or their bullshit "study" because while I'm not against prostitution exactly, I am against fake science and the euphemism "mutually beneficial relationships."

In addition to pointing out that Atlanta is now #1 and Portland is only #17, the press release fills in the mysterious details about Sugar Daddies that we've all been dying to not care about.
According to the study the average Sugar Daddy in America is 39 years old and earns
approximately $275,301 annually. He spends approximately $5100 monthly on his sugar habit, which is 22 percent of his annual income. Since 2007, the number of married Sugar Daddies has dropped from 46 percent to 33 percent, a sign that the sugar lifestyle is becoming more widely accepted amongst single men.
Many experts recommend spending 25% of your income on housing and while they don't have a recommendation for how much to spend on prostitution, 22% seems pretty high. Perhaps the percentage of SDs that are married is falling because in these tough economic times, spending a quarter of your paycheck on sex would be hard to justify to your wife.

The blog post they encourage for further reading (which I also won't link here) includes a handy infographic so you can see the top cities illustrated like nuclear damage clouds over a map of the country. They also located Portland somewhere on the Olympic peninsula because it's a beautiful area this time of year.

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If you're a 40-year-old with 22% more money and a very supportive wife, I'm sure you'll find the website on your own. Go out and enjoy paying $5,100 every month to get mutually beneficial prostitution.