Portland's population of motorcycle builders is a photographic bunch, as illustrated by the number of photo and video projects that have come out focusing on them in recent years. The latest is a unique project from Instrument called The Build. Instead of another straightforward stylized documentary, though, the result is something of an experiment:

Instrument’s goal with The Build was to blend design and technology in groundbreaking ways. It pairs traditional filmmaking with new school interactive experiences that push the envelope of browser technologies like webGL and HTML5 video. In short, we crafted a site that plays web video and includes heaps of animation and motion without using any Flash.

The result is a mash-up labyrinth of video, still photos, and audio narration. The video portions alone are beautifully shot by Instrument’s resident filmmaker, Truen Pence, and are bite-sized and compelling enough for the casual viewer, but there are tons of rabbit holes to get lost in and go deep into motorcycle nerdsville, depending on how long your lunch break is.