In case you haven't heard, bartender Steve Grimm of the Pearl District's Bluehour nearly caught his whole bar on fire last week while he was working with high-proof spirits near an OPEN FLAME (also known as a candle). He suffered the worst for his folly, with first and second degree burns and an overnight stay at the hospital. Naturally this puts him out of commission for a minute and costs a pretty penny—and like the majority of service industry workers, poor Steve must therefore rely on the kindness of others rather than good old-fashioned safety nets like health insurance. Aforementioned "others" include his friends at neighboring bars/restaurants and his very own place of work.

Order a Mariachi at Bluehour through the rest of the month and 100% of proceeds go to patching up Mr. Grimm. Involving a delicious combination of Milagro Blanco tequila, Pernod absinthe, orange flower water, lime, and agave nectar, this drink will make you thank a sorry situation for the excuse to order a second. Across the street,Riffle NW is offering to donate all proceeds from any drink made with Dogwood Distilling's DL Franklin Vodka as well, and while I haven't discovered exactly what it is yet, Oven & Shaker will also offer something similarly awesome. So grab a tall cocktail with a little extra ice for those burns, and wish this guy luck in avoiding similarly flaming incidents in the future.

Riffle NWs tribute offer
  • Brandon Josie
  • Riffle NW's tribute offer

Bluehour is located at 250 NW 13th.