If Congress manages anything halfway decent on gun control, it might be because of suburbanites moving into, and taming, red states and their gun-loving representatives.

In Portland,
police brass have argued that dedicated school cops help keep kids out of the criminal justice system. But nationally, as more schools look to add cops in response to the Newtown massacre, advocates warn the experience has been quite the opposite: a surge in criminal charges.

Pakistan's former strongman admits he maybe, just a few times, not a lot, approved the use of American drones to murder high-profile terror targets in his country.

In which North Korea is sternly reminded by John Kerry that we'd likely bomb the shit out of the country if they actually make good on their threat to lob a nuke-armed missile (which maybe they can do?) at us or one of our friends.

Silicon Valley throws in for immigration reform. But only for certain immigrants—and maybe because, skeptics worry, they think it'll be cheaper than paying Americans (who are too dumb to learn science, anyway).

An $11 million federal lawsuit
demands Portland dismiss a cop facing criminal charges after mistakenly firing live shotgun rounds at a man clearly enduring a mental health crisis nearly two year ago.

"Generations of Eastern European housewives doing battle against bedbugs spread bean leaves around the floor of an infested room at night. In the morning, the leaves would be covered with bedbugs that had somehow been trapped there. The leaves, and the pests, were collected and burned—by the pound, in extreme infestations."

Lamborghinis and Camaros are the new police cruisers in Dubai. Where I'm moving.

Joe Arpaio, the controversial Arizona lawman and immigrant antagonist, got a legit bomb in the mail. It was defused safely.

Now France is staring down
its vocal religious and conservative bigots and getting ready to legalize same-sex marriage.

Portland officials
have discussed showering Nike with $80 million in financial perks and incentives—a very generous welcome mat city officials are rolling out toward the otherwise-moribund South Waterfront.