Letters. Ha! Yeah right. We're all digital now, baby. So what did you guys mostly anonymously internet comment at us this week? "Dandelions are Satan's shiny yellow eyeballs." Well, that's a very interesting botanical observation indeed!

—Charlie Hales. What do you think? You don't know yet but definitely fluoride has something to do with it. And probably rich kids, too.

—Reader Mike C. wants a few more streets in the clubby part of town permanently shut down to cars to create "a welcoming daytime atmosphere as well as a safe party environment." Hmm. Sounds kind of nice, actually.

—How 'bout that spring rain, amirite? You know what they say about weather in the Pacific NW: "Don't like it? Wait a minute." HA! High five! Cuz like, the sun only shines for four minutes out of the year, and let's go stick our heads under lanterns and Vitamin D and umbrellas and weather and boo hoo hoo blah blah blah.

I am NOT too fat for these pants. I am simply too big for them. Get it straight.

Oh, Letters. I kind of love you.